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The General Data Protection Regulation is a new set of rules that dictates privacy and security standards for data collected from EU citizens. Companies must adhere to these new regulations regarding collecting, processing, and storing data.

Manage your Preferences

Our application servers are hosted in the EU and adhere to the new data protection regulations. Our validation servers are hosted internationally, but you can now choose the region of your validation servers on request. Contact our Customer Support team for more details.

You can now view and update your personal information, as well as delete your account. You can view and manage these from your Profile Settings.

What Changed with our Email Validation Service?

As a Data Collector, we have implemented the following options that allow you to:

Consult your personal data and update it whenever necessary.

Delete your personal information or your account.

Choose what types of newsletters you want to receive from us.

As a Data Processor, Elite Email Verifier now has:

A Data Processing Agreement offers an overview of the data we collect and how we process it. A contra-signed Data Processing Agreement is available on request. A list of Third-Party Data Processors is available upon request. Internal logs on any aspect that involves your lists. Ability to choose the region of the validation servers, available on request. You can choose the region of the validation servers to be either in the EU or in North America.

Protocols Addressed with Elite Email Verifier:

Data Deletion: At the end of your engagement with Elite Email Verifier, you can request the deletion of any data sent to us for verification. We always comply with these requests and provide you with the ability to delete your own data by accessing your account.

Record Processing Activities: In compliance with GDPR, we maintain a record of our processing activities. We provide this information to our customers through their EmailVerifier accounts and maintain logs that identify the date, list name (if appropriate), processing location, and total records processed for each customer.

Data Movement Restrictions: Elite Email Verifier customers in the EU are now able to process their lists locally on EU servers. This is not necessarily a mandate under GDPR but our EU customers requested it, so we built it.

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