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Frequently Asked Questions

Elite Emailverifier can sort and clean your email list to eliminate old or invalid emails. Unverified email lists will result in a high bounce rate, as well as blocking by email service providers. By improving the delivery rate of your campaigns, we help maintain the high reputation of your email account.

Our email verification platform is powered by AI and is highly scalable. Our spam-trap checking, MX validation, and email syntax checking ensures your email list is as clean as possible.

Yes, we do have an API service that you can use to integrate with your product. Elite Emailverifier API is available in Curl, Python, PHP, and Node.js. Read more about our API here.

Yes, you can verify huge list of emails with our bulk email verification feature.

Yes, we provide 100 free credits for free once you signup for our email verification service.

you get upto 100 email verification for free and then it costs $0.06 per email for verification. Read more about our pricing here.

No, your Email Credits do not expire. Your credits can be used whenever you'd like to use them.

We offer payment options from Paypal, Stripe and Razorpay. That means you can easily pay via your Debit/Credit card or UPI for the payment of your Email Credits.

No, credit cards are not required to signup on and use Elite Email Verifier. You only require to use credit card once you buy credits for the service.

We send a email with the invoice to the registered email. You can also download your invoice from the credits section of your admin panel on emailverifier.co.

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